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The WVU Extension Service hay listing is an effort to provide West Virginia farmers with a venue for buying and selling hay. The Extension Service will not be involved in any transactions, does not guarantee payment for or delivery of products or services, nor do we endorse any particular sellers or buyers. WVU Extension Service will not facilitate communication between buyers and sellers; questions regarding a particular ad should be directed to the person listed in the ad, not WVU Extension Service. Before engaging in a sale or purchase, please be aware of the potential for fraud in online transactions. To the best of our knowledge, this list is accurate as of the day of posting. We will not be responsible for inaccuracies or depletion of supply. This list is not all-inclusive and is not intended as an endorsement of these sellers or dealers.

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Sources Within West Virginia
Date Posted Seller Phone   County
8/29/14 Malone Farms
304-692-6609   Monongalia
Square bales of mixed grass weighing approximately 50-60 lbs. each. $3.50 per bale. Approximately 800-1,000 bales available. Hay is mixed of clover, timothy, orchard grass and alfalfa.
7/25/14 McClain Farm
304-452-8180   Lewis
Square bales of Timothy/clover/orchardgrass/rye weighing approximately 45-55 lbs. each. $4 per bale. Approximately 1,500 bales available. Barn kept never wet. 2014 cutting. Good horse, cattle, sheep or goat hay. Local delivery available. Call for delivery cost.
7/25/14 Dean Farms
304-940-6073   Randolph
Round bales of clover/orchardgrass. $25 per bale. Approximately 100 bales available.
7/11/14 John Britton 304-291-0486   Monongalia
Round bales of Timothy/clover/orchardgrass weighing approximately 500 lbs. each. $20 per bale. More than 200 bales available.
7/1/14 Parsons Family Farm & Greenhouse
304-761-4276   Kanawha
Square bales of weighing approximately 50 lbs. each. Price negotiable. Mulch hay for sale; good hay no mold.
4/17/14 A & C Farm
304-613-5268   Upshur
Round bales of clover weighing approximately 585 lbs. each. $16 per bale. Approximately 30 bales available. Second cutting hay from last season. Easy access and I will load it. Hay has been stored outside on pallets which is why it is priced as such; due to this, the price is not negotiable. Cash payment only prior to loading; no other terms accepted. Hay has weathered well as bales are situated in rows to allow maximum drying during wet times. Prefer to move in groups of 10 or more if possible.
3/19/14 Jim Pritcher
304-290-7914   Monongalia
Round bales of mixed grass weighing approximately 800 lbs. each. $40 per bale. Approximately 20 bales available. Hay has been stored indoors.
3/9/14 Five Star Polled Herefords
304-477-3818   Ritchie
Round bales of orchardgrass mix weighing approximately 1250 lbs. each. $40 per bale. Approximately 175 bales available. Hay is orchard/Timothy/clover mix. 4×4 plastic wrapped haylage bales. Bales will be loaded in Smithville, WV (26178).

Regional Sellers
Date Posted Seller Phone   State
6/23/14 J Ford Enterprises
540-923-0711   Virginia
Square bales of mixed grass weighing approximately 1200 lbs. each. $90.00 per bale Excellent quality mixed grass hay for sale. Photos, current pricing are available. Delivery can be arranged.

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